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No-fault divorce (pending in NYS) issue of support from SSID

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As a elder, after 35 yrs. I've been subjected to a variety of abuses (verbal, etc) and now would rather live my life alone. There's no property or assets to divide per say. She gets SSI only and I get SSID only..If the court deems some form of support from me, I would then become totally destitute...Im not a saint by way of history, but now due to age and illness,I just cant take her radical changes anymore-she's totally absorbed in our 2 sons (27 & 33) I'm just a by-the-way, living part time in a garage or my 20 y/o car..I'm alowed access to her apartment for grooming or cooking-she's refused marriage counseling, indicating there's nothing wrong with's all me, yet sons would secretly state the opposite and the counselor offered their sympathy... hell seems a better place


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I'm sorry your life has taken such a turn for the worse, but you can rest assured, that based upon your statements, it is very unlikely that any Judge would force you to pay her maintenance or the reverse. Basically, the real issue is what will happen to the house, will it be sold or will one of the parties buy the other out of their share of the value in the house.

Unfortunately, that type of case can get messy which means it can get expensive, so you are better off seeking immediate counsel to see about all the particulars of your case before making any decisions about what to do in the future.

Good luck.

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The court will not leave you desitute. Without hearing more of the facts, you and your wife will continue to receive social security without a contribution from the other. In determining an award of maintenance the court will consider the "standard of living" of the parties during the marriage.

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