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No Cobra coverage even though premiums paid each month.. can I sue ?

Monroeville, PA |

We made cobra payments through IRS/HCTC. In Jan 2013 Cobra changed the payee from 1 payee to another without telling us or the IRS/HCTC. The IRS kept paying the 1st payee and Cobra has been dragging their feet and in early October Cobra sent us a letter say it was canceled 07/31/13, even though they kept getting payments from the IRS. This is very stressful. Supervisors at Cobra keep saying they're working on it and said they would turn her insurance on ASAP but as of this morning keystone says no insurance and it has been a week since I spoke with Cobra

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Attorney answers 1


Yes, you can always sue. However, by the time you spend the time and money, they will probably reinstate your insurance if the money was there. It may be better, at this point, to engage an attorrney to deal with the entities who have made the errors in coverage. Most likely, it will be resolved with sevaral telephone calls once you give the attorney the written authority to discuss it with those entities. If that does not work, then suit should be filed.