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NJ took drivers lic because of a dw impaired in ny how can I get my lic back sooner than 90 days so I do not loose my job

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DA in ny said nothing should happen to my drivers license in NJ....Jersey now took my license for 90 days and I am suppose to start a new job. How can I get my license back sooner than 90 days so I do not loose this job. NY DA said she will not reduce the charge after I told her what happened to me in NJ. I have a clean driving record and nothing like this has ever happened to me. I do not want to loose my home..etc.....

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Answer: You will need to request an administrative hearing before the Motor Vehicle Commission.

Explanation: A little know fact by prosecutors is how a traffic offense will effect a defendant's home state license. Unfortunately, you find yourself in this situation because of that. Your immediate concern needs to be addressed by requesting a hearing with the Motor Vehicle Commission and I would highly recommend retaining an attorney for that hearing. Secondly you may want to consider consulting a New York attorney and asking about retracting your guilty plea (if you plead) or appealing your guilty finding. If you choose to challenge the New York conviction, this would give you more ammunition at the NJMVC hearing. If you need further information or have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact my Firm.

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Why did you take legal advice from the DA? Speak to a NY lawyer to see if there is a way to re-open the case or appeal based on the fact that you were not aware your NJ license would be suspended. I'm not sure if it's possible as I don't know NY law, but you should have at least talked to a NY attorney about your NY DWI.


Speak with a lawyer licensed to practice in New York. Many NJ lawyers (with offices in NJ) also practice in NY.

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First you will need to retain an attorney in New Jersey and file an appeal of the suspension of your New Jersey Privileges. Then you will need to withdraw your plea in New York and fight the charges. Your lawyer from the New York case may be able to help you with this. If you did not have an attorney in New York, it will actually make withdrawal of the plea more attainable.


Very unclear question


In some cases the NY charge can be shown to unlike our DWI and an appeal could work. Slim chance but a chance. If you pleaded to .08 or higher no chance. If under it depends on the facts.


I am a DWI attorney in New York. If you decide to take any legal action, please feel free to contact me.

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