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New York State placed a Levy on my bank account even after arranging something with the state.

Elizabeth, NJ |

New York State placed a tax warrant in my name for 2009 taxes I do not owe, I filed and mailed the paperwork on May 16 and had spoken to one of their agents because the paperwork some how ended up in Plattsburgh instead of Albany, this gentleman clearly told me that he was going to give me until july 16th, if by then my paperwork had not been processed, then I would need to call and arrange a payment plan until my paperwork was processed.
Today I checked my account and there was a hold, how can this be even after I came to an agreement with the state? How can I get this levy released and how long will it take if it gets released?

This matter has been resolved, it was a mistake by New York State.

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A. I suggest that you call that same person back and have him remove the hold.
B. WIth NYS Tax, get everything in writing.
C. Good Luck, this will take time.

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