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New York domestic violence law, protection orders

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my uncle files an order of protection against me. and there is possible assault charge too.
this incident happened on 9/18/2008. my wife called the police because my uncle hit her and push her. i defend my wife by pushing him back. but finally we still did not press charge to my uncle. but on the next day, my uncle file the criminal assault charge to my wife, but i think the police wants to dimiss this case. but on 10/23/2008, my uncle went to police again and press charge on me. the detective called me and ask me to go to the police station and he will bring him to the court on coming monday 11/3/2008. i want to to know will they arrest me at that time??

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It’s impossible to know if the police will arrest you. However, you should contact a lawyer and ask the lawyer to contact the detective as to his intentions. Many times a detective my not have enough evidence to arrest you but by asking you to go to the police station and talk to him you might say something incriminating and give the detective the evidence he needs to arrest you. Silence is golden. If you are going to be arrested and the detective is on notice that you are represented by an attorney that are not suppose to question you.

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