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New Mega Church in WNY meets me in parking lot and leaders shouting to leave or they will call Police after Leader slandered me.

Buffalo, NY |

New Mega Church I attend met me on their parking lot shouting that I must leave the Church or they will call the Police. Last week attended Church and I brought a friend that sat alone and I sat alone. Church told me that I cannot attend small groups unless I do certain things such as going to counseling. I went and finished and when I returned, they told me they never said this and I still cannot attend small groups. My friend told me that I was seriously slandered by leader when I left last week. They never answered my 2 emails sent to them. Tonight this leader approached me in parking lot with many onlookers telling me to leave church and he will call Police. I left promptly and he called me a liar and stated I did this in other churches which I did not. Police wouldn't take my report

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Best bet is to go to another church. Without damages, a lawsuit would cost thousands more than would be recovered.


Find a church that is accepting. Why go to a church that is not a good fit for you. You can sue if you want to. If you have the money to hire a lawyer, then it may not be worthwhile. Unlikely a lawyer woukd want to take the case on a contingency.

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Talked to both Police and Attorneys. Police stated there is a separation of Church and State and Churches can not follow Constitution and NOT follow 1st Amendment RIghts which are freedom of speech and press and be able to worship freely and get away with it. I had a Church tell me I am not allowed to talk to anyone when service is let out and they will watch if I talk more than 5 min to someone and document it and they will have 30 people that work for Church watching me and they will question them what I said. (Stalking and Eavesdropping Laws) and I am banned from all classes and volunteer work and Retreats and Missions and Choir. Reason? None they will share with me. What to do? Nothing they will tell me. Why is this happeningy? No reason they will give me. One of the Ministers I was opening up to is an Attorney so he is well aware of the Law. Since there is a Separation of Church and State, Police will not file anything when the Church tells me to get off their property when I try to work thru what they created through slander since it could cost me my professional license since they have parishioners that will Lie for the Church and think nothing of it (witnesses who lie). The Police refuse to write a report for me but will write one for them. Attorneys told me they will write a letter only if I will also sue them and put down a $10,000 retainer starting for a lawsuit for defamation of character, slander, stalking, ....and there is no guarantee they will stop and that it could be proven because they can counter it and say that I was slandering them for even talking about what they are doing to me. Since it is really taking a chance and Judges do not like to go against Churches (because they believe they are fighting God) they tend to dismiss these cases, according to attorneys. I have gone to 7 Churches already and I know where the slander is coming from and can prove it but it continues to follow me from Church to Church even though I make no mention of it. The Ministers of new Churches walk up to me and tell me they have gotten a letter or a phone call from Mega Church who originally slandered me and then within a couple weeks of attending new Church I am dismissed from all classes and functions trying to be on my best behavior but continually kept from all participation in classes and functions treating me like a criminal and telling me outwardly to stay away from people, kids, etc for no reason they refuse to tell me. I am being black balled from every church I attend based on GOSSIP and SLANDER and DEFAMATION but no one can seem to do anything. God is important to me and I need to be in a Community that I can flourish. I have no Family or Relatives so being in a Church Community is very important to connect and be a part of and use my talents for God's glory and share with others.


Doesn't appear your damages warrant bringing a claim. Additionally, I agree with my colleagues in that it also appears you should find another church where you don't have these issues.

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There is a Mega Church in Bflo that is connected to over 150 other churches in Bflo and help fund many. All Churches I have attended (over 7) this Mega Church is connected to has not allowed me to participate in services and volunteer opportunities or retreats. I not only was severly slandered that could cost me my professional medical license but I was threatened to be arrested for being on the property for writing a letter letting leader know that I am aware of what he said when I left and have a witness to prove what was said. I did leave the Mega Church that started this 5 yrs ago and have gone to 7 churches that are all somehow connected and heard gossip so they are all refusing to let me participate in any group. This was a new Church and they banned me because they listened to gossip and had me do things to warrant me being able to attend small groups and when I successfully completed the tasks they still refused me to participate and threatened me to be arrested in the parking lot because I confronted the slander in an email which they refused to address.

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