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New jersey DWI bench warrant goes to FBI rap sheet?

Edison, NJ |

While I am looking for lawyer, I would like to know for old DWI, does dwi bench warrant shows up in FBI system?

Will NJ DWI Bench Warrant shows up in NCIC check?

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This is a very interesting question. From my understanding of the FBI system, they are a fingerprint based system, which would mean that if you were not fingerprinted, the chances of it coming up in the system are reduced. If you were fingerprinted, then there would certainly be a chance of it being in the system, but without fingerprinting, I would highly doubt it. As for NCIC, based upon my reading of the NCIC website, it appears that unless you DWI was committed in a state where they would consider it a felony, it would not show up in NCIC. If it was a NJ DWI, it would appear to not show up as this would be a traffic violation, which is not covered by NCIC. Nevertheless, it is best that you immediately find an attorney and get this situation taken care of.

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Mark M Cheser

Mark M Cheser


Bill I agree with the background CCH info but what about an FTA. I have had clients stopped on those many times. I doubt this hits the FBI system though.


A bench warrant for failure to appear is in the "system" and can be discovered by customs or police. I do not now if this is a FBI data base. Likley it is.

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