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New California law regarding early prisoner releases

Novato, CA |

I read that the new law to release "6500" inmates takes effect today. What, exactly, takes effect? Who will get more credit and how much? I have been hearing that 50% drops to 35% for fire camps and other specific work assignments and that's it. Others are saying that 85% go down to 50% also, but that would kick out far more than 6500 in the next year and they would be violent offenders with strikes so I don't believe that to be the case. What does the law say, where can I find the text of this law, and who exactly is eligible for early release?

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The prisons are not opening their doors today. The 6500 prisoners to be released early will be released over time. You are correct that 85% is NOT being reduced to 50% as vilevt crimes, serious felonies and sex crimes are excepted. The new law gives extra credits for completing the GED and certain other programs as well as those extended to persons working in fire camps. You can find the new law at SBx3 18; Stats. 2009, 3 EX Ch 28. A law librarian can help you find it as it is not reflected in some of the new code books for 2010.


The previous answer needs to be amended to say "violent crime" but is otherwise correct.

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