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NEW Bill SB 598 what are the chances of getting my license back before the July 1, 2010 Begin Date

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I got convicted of my 2nd dui and licesne suspended in may 2009 and I am eligible for a restricted in may 2010. I notice that the new California bill SB598 does not go into effect until July 2010. Is there any chance that I can get my restricted license now, since the bill requires a license suspension for 90 days and mine has been suspended for 5 months?

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Great question. Unfortunately, SB 598 requires funding before it goes into effect. Since it doesn't have that funding at present, there is no guarantee that it will ever go into effect. As a result, you remain stuck with the 1 year suspension and 18 month classes.

So the end result is that although the installation of in-vehicle breathalyzer machine might reduce your suspension, that certainly won't occur until after July 1, 2010, if at all.

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Edward J. Blum


Mr. Middlebrook's answer is accurate. The implementation of SB598 will require an independent (non-tate)source of funding. There has been no indication that the funding is or will be available. There are those who are interested in promoting this bill, but I am not aware of the funding being in place. A restricted license would only be available after July of 2010 and IF finding is provided.

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