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Never heard back from small claims

Connecticut |

I am hoping someone might be able to give me an answer. We live in CT, my husband filed a claim against our previous tenants for unpaid rents. The tenants counter claimed, we sent in our response to the counterclaim. We had to respond on or before the 16th of Oct, we faxed it over twice to the courts and mailed it on Oct 11th, 2009. We haven't heard anything back and it seemed odd so we looked up the case online and it says "denied" by our name. It doesn't show that we responded. They were closed today so we will call tomorrow but now I am worried that they did not get our response. I should have sent it certified but I didn't think it would get lost and I did fax it twice. What will happen now? Will we be able to redo this claim again?

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Your best bet would be to contact the clerk's office. Small Claims matters can get a little backlogged. The denied designation probably means that the tenants are denying your claim. Check the CT Judicial Website or visit the court service center. Many local CT courthouses have them.


The Centralized office for Small Claims is located in Hartford. A call to them should clarify your status with the court. It is possible that due to case load, a hearing date has not yet been set.

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