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Neighbors tree is causing damage, what are options?

Elverta, CA |

My neighbor has a tree in there backyard wich has several dead branches and appears to be infested with termite ants. Over the years we have had several large branches drop into our yard. Approximately two and a half years ago we spoke to the owner about having them remove the tree. He said he would speak to the tennant about it and later said that the tennants wanted the tree to remain but they would be trimming back the dead branches. With no action taken we went to speak with the owners again who again said they would get it taken care of. Now on top of the branches falling the roots from the tree are causing damage...we had to replace 60 feet of drainage and it grew into our garden box and the box became root bound. What are our options?

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Attorney answers 1


You are allowed to trim the tree to the extent that it violates your property lines, but you are not allowed to kill or damage the tree. I suggest you write to the owner and give them a certain number of days to trim the tree, or you get it done yourself. You may want to consult with an arborist to ensure that you do not harm the tree.