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Neighbors harrassing us

Irvine, CA |

I have been in a situation with my next door neighbors throughout my entire pregnancy. We just purchased this house in Dec 2011. Our neighbors [Address Removed By Avvo] filed a complaint with the city of Irvine to remove soil against their house After we removed the soil, they further asked the city to have us remove the hardscape (that was put in from the first owners of the house 30 years ago. We are the 3rd owners) Their concern was that the hardscape that was put in by the original owners of the house was covering their weed screed. To comply with city code, we removed the hardscape. We are up to code with the city but they continue to harrass us, asking us to repair their house because we "damaged their house when we removed the hardscape" How to make them stop?

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You can ask the court to issue a civil harassment restraining order against them.

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Will that work based on my situation? The problem is that this hardscape was here during the first and second owners. These neighbors were here before us, so I am not sure why this is an "issue" now and not before.