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Neighbors accused my dog of killing theirs. Now called the police when I taped them harassing my dogs?These people..have or had?

Tacoma, WA |

3 small dogs that run wild all over the neighborhood. They ganged up on my rabbit who was in my fenced yard and shredded it. I then asked them to contain their dogs or I'd call animal control. They refused. I called. Nothing was done. Skip a few weeks of me asking them nicely to contain them, I told them I'd drop them at the shelter myself because they are not properly containing them, they've killed my rabbit, get in several neighbors yards, etc. The guy told me to "eff off". Skip a few days later, I'm at home next thing I know 2 strange men come to my door accusing my dog of killing one of the dogs. My dog is indoors and told them so. Now their kids for the past 5 days have been at my fenced in yard throwing things at my dogs, trying to get their dogs to "fence fight mine". I warned the

kids several times (3 times in 2 hours today alone) to stop that and go away (we live at the end of a culde sac, they have no reason to be way down here at my fence.) they of course ignore me and called me a "bitch". I went inside. The 3rd time I took out my cell phone from the livingroom window and taped their behavior. With intentions of not only showing their parents (who probably could care less) as well as the animal control and sheriff should needed. Now a officer just left wanting to know why I was taping the kids...I wasn't home to speak to her BUT before I do, am I in the wrong for taping the harassment?

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What is the point of filming the abusive behavior if you don't show the evidence to police and animal control?

WRITTEN complaints should also be filed with both Animal Control and the police. The latter can also be shown the video of the kids harassing your dogs when you respond to the cop who is investigating that filming.

Should AC and the PD each continue to fail in their functions, a letter to your mayor, town manager or board of selectmen may be in order. You may also wish to discuss harassment orders with an attorney. The WA and your county bar associations can assist with referrals.

The foregoing is for general information purposes and does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

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