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Neighbor video and audio recording of my backyard and house

Vancouver, WA |

A month ago neighbor was caught by another neighbor taunting her dog as he taped it to make an amimal control complaint. Offending Neighbor is now video taping my entire backyard and can see into my house. He is using a survelliance camera to do the taping and recording. The camera is pointed directly at my property and not at all at his property. I put up a barrier to block his camera. He just built a taller stand so the camera can look over both my fence and the barrier I put up. His camera is now approximately 8 1/2 feet off the ground. It is pointed straight at my house. I have a young teenage daughter, and camera can look directly into her room. His camera is on 24/7 and has night vision according to the manufacturer's online website. What can I do about this?

Thank you for the responses. Local attorney advised me to report it to the police as it was stalking. I contacted police, and after looking at the camera neighbor put up/situation, they informed my neighbor he had 24 hours to remove the camera or he would be arrested. He was also advised if he put up the camera again he would be arrested. Neighbor immediately took down the camera. I don't think this will be the end for my neighbor, but at least if he tries to film my home/family again he will be arrested and I will then apply for a anti-harassment order.

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I agree with the previous answers and would add you may be eligible for a no contact order that would include surveillance. Go see a local lawyer and perhaps a courthouse facilitator if your jurisdiction has one. Good Luck

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There is a cause of action at civil law for invasion of privacy. You should take pictures of his camera to prove how he is invading your privacy. You should contact an attorney.

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I changed the practice area for you because this seems to be a privacy case and your question will be now viewed by attorneys who handle these types of matters. Laws for privacy can differ from state to state so you really need to speak with an attorney in WA regarding this.

Good luck

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