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Neighbor taking photos and video footage of us while we are in the middle of our property. Is this harassment, privacy invasion?

Chesterfield, VA |

Neighbor often trespasses onto our property. She has been arrested and taken to court by us and several of the previous property owners who owned our current property. Boundary disputes with previous owners so judge found her not guilty even though there was clear video footage of her trespassing onto our property. Video footage was from our surveillance cameras we installed only recording our property so we can catch her when she trespasses. Now she is standing on her property taking video/photos of us while we are on our own property.

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Call the police and be persistent. File for a restraining order. The pictures from public property or her property may be allowed, but not from your property.

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How awful to have a neighbor from hell. You should have a land surveyor mark the property lines, so there is better evidence to convict her if she trespasses again.
If a privacy fence is impractical, how about a line of tall, thick bushes or hedges?

She may be creating a civil "nuisance". You should see an attorney in person who can devise a plan of action.