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Neighbor inviting excessive guests and peering over wall (feels like invasion of privacy) at my property.

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if a neighbor has a tiny apartment (roughly 25 feet by 40 feet) and invites excessive amounts of guests (5-10 or more) and they all constantly peer over the wall at my property's driveway can i call the police? what about if the tenant or one of his guests tries to incite a fight with me by yelling something offensive or inciteful at me?

i guess you could say staring over the wall rather than just peering. This neighbor has a history of throwing litter on my side when i'm not home or not outside (seen him do it through peep hole in door). also, if this neighbor or his guests try to stare me down while i'm walking on my side of the property it feels threatening or menacing can i call the cops for that? and on two occassions the guests called me out using fighting words.

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If threatened call police.

If you call police b/c someone looked at your driveway, you're probably overreacting.

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Your driveway is probably open to public view, so peering over the wall into your driveway is not a violation of your privacy. Yelling at you is also probably not a violation of your privacy, unless they are making threats. That you should report to the police.
Contact the landlord and ask him for help controlling his tenant.

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