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Neighbor admitted to poisoning stray cats

Stockton, CA |

We have stray cats in our neighborhood. Our next door neighbor has admitted to poisoning the cats because she dislikes animals. We've seen the cats sick with symptoms of respiratory issues, vomiting and blood out of their anus., and no appetite to eat. We noticed that some kittens are no longer around the block because probably some have died. We have no proof of this besides the neighbor's admission and witnessing the cat's symptoms. Would this be considered animal cruelty? Should it be reported to Police? What can be done? Should I even get involved in this? This is in the city of Stockton,CA, the bankrupt city which has reduced their police force so I doubt that anyone cares about this.

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Make a full report of the neighbor's admission to the PD and Animal Control, together with a statement of what you have personally witnessed. You might also check with neighbors to see if they are missing any of their pets.

Note that the poison may also be ingested by other animals, such as dogs and, possibly, children.

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Report it to the police or animal control. Include what you have witnessed and what your neighbor told you. At a minimum, this creates a record. Report it again if you continue to witness stray cats suffering from the same distress.

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Make a full report to animal control and to the police department.

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