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NEEDED: Attorney close to/or in the (FL) 19th circuit willing to take an estate law involving wrongdoing on contingenency basis?

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This case involves litigation in the following area's; possible undue influence , fraud, collusion, self dealing, etc. in addition to numeous ethical and statutory violations. Currently there is a ongoing police investigation and Fla. Bar investigation into the parties involved. Potentional value of this case is in the millions of dollars. Looking for a lawyer or firm capable and willing to look at the evidence I have and be able to take this case on a contingency basis.

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Chances are that you will not find an attorney to take a case like this on a contingency basis. Most probate attorneys work strictly on an hourly basis. This type of case requires the investment of many, many hours and we simply do not work for nothing, or the mere possibility of winning because the client says it is a strong case. Contingency fees are not across the board, they only apply in personal injury cases where there is the potential of a jury trial and a large insurance company with deep pockets. You have neither here. The possibility of getting an attorney on a contingency basis is very, very slim. Hire an attorney. Perhaps there is a way to work out an agreement which would contain a partial contingency. I've been doing probate for nearly 30 years and have never taken any probate case on any contingency.

R. Jason de Groot, Esq., 386-337-8239


Will contests or probate litigation are not generally taken on a contingency basis. I have practiced 36 years and have never agreed to accept such a case on a contingency basis nor do I know any other lawyer in our area who has personally done so. These cases are unlike personal injury matters and to even evaluate your case would take a great deal of time because the outcome will depend not only upon law, but upon provable facts, and whether your evidence can reach the required standards of proof, which vary, depending upon the issue, the nature of the assets, whether or not the wrongdoer was the caregiver for the person who made the will, etc. Further, you have to have "standing" under the law to even bring a lawsuit and you may or may not qualify as an individual with standing in the case. You need to retain a lawyer if you really believe in the case as much as you say. Merely having investigations pending does not mean you have a viable case for a will contest. There are many factors involved which would affect the chances of success in a case of this nature. Best of luck finding an attorney who will take it on a contingency. It will be quite difficult to find one.

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Each case is different and we would need additional facts. We are located in teh old historic courthouse in downtown Vero Beach-

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