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Need workman's comp attorney; state (ihss) employee

Anderson, CA |

My mom has had surgery for severe carpal tunnel, & collecting state workman's comp. She was told by claims adjuster "we are done, we dont owe you anything more". When she disagreed, he gace her another adjuster's #. But the message said " Im out of the pffice for unspecified length of time, please dont leave a message". We need a lawyer but cannot afford one. Please help.

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I need a lot more information than the above but we can help. Our Firm is one of California's largest applicant wc Firms. Please call me, Dave Hiden, Partner, at wor 619 296 5884. You do not have to pay fees up front. tx and good luck.

Legal disclaimer: Please be advised that the advice provided does not create any attorney/client relationship; that due to the various state laws that the information provided is a general overview of the law, which might not be applicable to you, based upon the laws of your state. We will not file anything on your behalf nor protect any statute of limitations which might arise and recommend that you IMMEDIATELY consult legal counsel for adviceThis response does not constitute or make an attorney-client relationship as it is made for general purposes; answering attorney does not possess enough information to inform recipient of the applicable statute of limitations. You may also contact Mr. Hiden at (619) 296-5884 or by email at ""


We regularly handle cases in Shasta County, and would be happy to discuss it with you.

Matt Eason
(916) 438-1819

Do not make a decision that could impact your income on a quick internet question, and quick answer. You should fully discuss with an attorney before proceeding.


WC attorneys get paid nothing up front and nothing if he loses the case. He only gets paid a %% if he wins. CAN afford one!

Find a good WC attorney here at or at CAAA is the association for attorneys here in CA who represent injured workers. Or you can call me for a referral.


Workers compensation attorneys charge a percentage of what you receive. You can afford an attorney.

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