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Need representation attorney for non paid storage charges for a car which was in Phila but was removed without storage payments.

Woodbury, NJ |

Custmer lives in Wisconsin. Charges of $44,000 owed but my shop is now closed due to retirement. Can anyone help?

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Assuming there is no legal question as to whether the customer owes the money, you may have to sue him in Wisconsin. If on the other hand he had enough nexus to PA, you could sue him at home in Philadelphia. What kind of business did you have? How is it that he came to owe so much?



Customer left the Corvette in the shop for restoration. Would not pay the final bill & had a attorney force me to return his car. Storage charges are for $44,500 for non payment. My business was in Phila but have since retired.


Sue in Wisc. Need an attorney to accomplish your objectives. Who would write you a $44,000 check based on your letter, no matter how well crafted?

I am not your attorney. Contact an attorney for advice immediately.

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