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Need Referral for Independent Lab for DUI Blood Retesting in the San Francisco Bay Area.

San Jose, CA |

Have a BAC reading of 0.1% by the Santa Clara County Crime lab, need to find an independent lab to have the bloom sample reanalyzed.

Any recommendation for good independent lab in the San Francisco Bay Area?

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Contact Drug Detection Laboratories in Sacramento. They re-test hundreds of Bay Area blood draws each year and testify in all Bay Area courts and at DMV. Their office number is 916 366-3113. The lab's cost for alcohol content and preservative level is about $135.00. Ed Smith usually does the re-test at the lab, and both he and Jeff Zehnder testify.


Keep in mind that even if the blood retests at .07% BAC or lower, the prosecutor does not necessarily have to dismiss the VC 23152(b) charge, AND there is still the VC 23152(a) charge outstanding. The driving pattern, and the probable cause for the stop will affect the disposition of this case.

With a case that has relatively low BAC, and with the consequences that are pretty severe, it is a good idea to have a DUI defense attorney help you with this case.