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Need police report for guardianship trial.

Huntington Beach, CA |

I live in Orange County California. I am going through court to get guardianship for my 2 grandchildren which the judge gave me temporary at the hearing tell the trial. My daughter had another child a few months ago which I have not meet yet but found out in January there is a police report about her letting a small child hold her baby and the small child dropping the new born which cracking her skull. I want to obtain this report for my trial for guardianship which is on the May 22nd. Is it possible to get it and if so how and can I before the trial? I was told I would have to get a subpena.

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You would have to get a subpoena and often time police departments don't release those types of report. Did CPS get involved? If so, contact them and see if they can give you any information.


In order to get the document from a party to which you are in opposition, yes, you will need subpeona the document from either her or the police agency which took the report.


Are you represented by counsel? Are you taking depositions? There may be witnesses to testify to the occurrence.
The report itself is likely hearsay and inadmissible without the officer there to testify.