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Need my green card, Whats less expensive a fiance visa or getting married?

Dallas, TX |

My boyfriend is US citizen but he leaves in dallas and i live in torreon mexico, im trying to get my visa but also we're thinking to get married so i can stay with him but i want to do it legally, we don't have much money, we want to know what its best, getting married or get a fiancé visa We have a 1 month baby, we just want something faster and the best for the three of us, any advice would help us a lot and we'll really appreciate it thank you so much

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The cost and timing is about the same. Marriage and then consular processing is slightly cheaper and you will have a GC sooner ad well.

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I agree. The immigrant and consulate processing route is the most suitable.

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I agree with my colleagues. Fiancee visa path is rather long and expensive.


Bringing him in as your husband is cheaper, but will take twice as long to bring him to the US.

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Marriage based visa as a spouse is cheaper and safer, however you may obtain fiance visa a bit faster.

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