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Need Immigration Attorney for MArriage paperwork.

Providence, RI |

I am looking for an attorney to help file immigration paperwork for me and my wife. She is from a different country. We currently live together, just finalized marriage through the State of Rhode Island. Medical Exam has been done. We’re looking to complete this process ASAP. Would prefer an Attorney within the State but open to other options. Please reply with rates. Thanks.

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Search Avvo, or for people in RI.

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you will not get rates on avvo. But you can certainly search for attorneys here or through

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Google immigration lawyers in Providence, RI.

Go to "Yelp" and search for immigration lawyers in your area.

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Sorry but attorneys do not give out rate information on this public forum. You may request a phone consultation based on information available on Avvo profiles. I would also caution you not to base your decision only on price. Attorneys work differently and you may find that one is a better fit than another.

I have a blog post in selecting a lawyer:

Good luck!

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Congrats on your marriage. Filing ASAP is important but getting all your "T's" crossed and "I's" dotted prior thereto when submitting an application for a benefit to USCIS is no small matter and therefore quick is often not a good idea. Find competent counsel that knows what their doing and can exercise the due diligence with you wife's file and then when all is in order and ready to file to submit the application to the right location. Now, I'm not in RI and although I have client's throughout the US I understand your request. As the other colleagues have already mentioned, use the search engines or professional website to surfe and find you the best fit for you. Good luck.


I highly suggest using the attorney search options available through AILA is the primary professional organization for immigration attorneys, and almost any good immigration attorney will be an active member of AILA in order to keep up on the latest developments in the field. (Think of it as being like the American Medical Association would be for a doctor.)

One note on price -- I always recommend calling more than one attorney to see whom you feel most comfortable with. And do not just select one based on the lowest price -- these matters are so important that it is worth spending the money in the short term to help ensure a secure future for your family for decades. Think of an experienced immigration attorney as an investment that will pay off many times over.

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