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Need immediate help with my divorce case

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my divorce will finalized on June 6, 2011 and my soon to be ex husband has sent me texts threatening me with the visitation of our only child, who i can and can't have babysit her, where i can and can't take her. At the time of signing the divorce papers i did not have an attorney but am now able to afford one. Upon signing the divorce papers his lawyer adviced me that if either one of attempted to change the paper work that the judge would not like it and would be in favor of the party that is maintaining the agreement. I feel as if I was coerced into signing the paperwork. At the time of signing the divorce papers he had it drawn up that i was only to receive my personal belongings. I was unaware that Indiana was a 50/50 state. Is there anything I can do? Also he is engaged while being legally married and refuses me to retrieve my own property and is going to move it to a storage shed tomorrow without my permission. I need help please?

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You can file a motion that due to undue influence that you signed the agreement and that you would now like an attorney. I am sure the judge will give you some latitude especially since you were unrepresented and your soon to be ex-husband was represented by an attorney.

Brian Arnold


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