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Need help on how to write a letter and what to say to the Judge to be able for my children & I to stay in this home..

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I was mailed an eviction letter from my landlord, (which there has never been any signed leases between us) and I need to know what I am suppose to say in the letter that I need to write to the Clay County Courthouse in Florida to be able to stay in the home, PLEASE.. I am a single mother of 3 children and a few months ago I was in a horrible wreak and have had a few surgeries due to the accident. I actually just come home on Jan.30th from the last one, and I have home nurses and machines hooked to me 24hrs a day 7 days a week.. I have been told that Im not going to be able to return to work ever, so Im in the process of filing for disability. On the paper work that he filed to the judge has quite a few lies on there of which I have proof of. Please help by telling me what I need to say in letter that I need to turn into the Judge so my children & I are not evicted from the home, and health wise there is NO WAY that I could even begin to move anywhere right now. Please call or email me when you have the time... 904-537-9157, email - Thank you for your time & help in this matter, hope to hear from you soon...

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I am sorry to hear about the situation you are in.

Unfortunately, based on the information you have provided here, it is difficult to tell whether or not you have a defense to an eviction. If you are unable to find an attorney here who can assist you, you may want to try and contact your local legal aid for assistance.

I will send you an email to have you explain the situation.

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Attorney Davis is correct. There may be defenses available to you, but it is difficult to tell by these limited facts.

One defense is payment of the rent. You don't mention if you did or did not pay the rent.
You should write the judge and set the record straight if you paid the rent and the landlord is saying you did not. Be sure to include copies of the money order stubs or your canceled checks.

See a local landlord tenant lawyer or real estate attorney to hear the facts in more detail.
The fact that you have children or a medical condition is generally not given any weight.

Good luck.


Contact the Florida Bar attorney referral service for an attorney that might be willing to help you for free. Otherwise find out if there are any free Legal Aid non-profit organizations that can represent you. "Three Rivers Legal Services" offers low cost and pro bono legal services to persons who qualify. They have an office in Jacksonville. Below is a link to their website with contact information.

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