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Need help in Cincinnati regarding divorce/separation settlement payments.

Cincinnati, OH |

My husband divorced his ex-wife in 2006 and they had a separation agreement regarding child support and paying the bills accrued during the marriage. The payments were to be made directly to the ex-wife. He made the first several payments and then lost his job. At that point, another family member made payments on his behalf. Fast forward 7 years and his ex-wife is now claiming that she was never paid anything and has sent a "Demand for Payment letter" for the full amount. I think there probably is some money still due, but she claims that NONE was paid. I do have some receipts, but the family member has been unable to find theirs. My husbands only income is SSDI. Would they be able to garnish that? Also, wouldn't the CSEA have picked up any child support ordered during separation?

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Your husband really needs a lawyer. Depending on how payment was made, there may also be ways to establish proof of payment from the family member.

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