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Need help getting off sex offender list but can;t afford a lawyer.

Lakewood, CO |

if someone will listen to me i can prove i didn't do the crime in the first place. can you help me or tell of someone that can and will.

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it appears you previously entered a plea to the crime. This puts you in an incredibly difficult situation. You need to find good new evidence showing that you did not commit the crime. Ask a defense attorney to file a 35(c) motion.

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Christopher Daniel Leroi

Christopher Daniel Leroi


Understand that a Rule 35(c) would be for ineffective assistance of counsel or some other legal reason that states that you were not aware of your rights, the nature of the plea, and its consequences. I was a judge in Cortez for 7 years and a prosector for 7 years out of my 22 years of experience. You can try a 35(c), but do not let any attorney convince you that it will be an easy task. A have only seen a handful of literally hundreds of 35(c) motions granted in the past 22 years. And then you get to still go to trial on the original charges again. So, it is not a quick fix to your problem by ANY means.


If you have been convicted of being a sex offender, you can not get off the list other than overturning the conviction on appeal. It sound like the time has passed for that. I am sorry

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The time to prove you were not guilty was at trial and it sounds as though that is long past. There is a time period and many other factors in determing whether or not you can de-register, such as what type of crime you plead guilty to; a felony or misdemeanor; whether you have ever failed to register before. You sould contact an attorney to speak about your options.