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Need guidance in finding a new doctor to help with private disability claim forms.

Sparta, TN |

I am at a loss. I have cervical disk herniations, arthritis & disk compressions in my lower back. Have had this for 5 yrs and have been on disability (private insurer) for 3 yrs and SSDI for 2 yrs. In addition to all the pain I have a problem with my private disability insurer and my doctor. Until December 2010 my doctor in NY filled out my disability forms. Moved in Jan 2011 and am having an impossible time finding a doctor in TN who is willing to fill out the forms and my disability was terminated (still have SSDI). My new doctor has prescribed mobic, injections, chiro etc for pain-not a candidate for surgery.
Since he is not willing, I have to find a new doctor. How do I find another MD who is not so set against filling out the forms? What am I doing wrong? Thanks much.

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My firm works on disability cases like yours all over, but mostly in East Tennessee, and this is a problem that a lot of our clients have. There really isn't an easy answer to your question. Depending on your condition, maybe you could try going down to Vanderbilt for treatment, or you might just have to ask around Sparta (and maybe up in Cookeville), trying to find a doctor that will help you through your disability claim. One of the hardest things to do is to get some doctors to understand that they need to not only help you deal with your medical condition, but also help you deal with the consequences of your medical condition, if they can. If you decide you want help appealing your private disability claim, feel free to contact me.



Thanks for your answer. I will keep calling different doctors and ask if they will help me with my disability claim. I have until august 1 to appeal, so if i do find a doctor to help me before then, I will contact you. I dont think there is any reason to appeal this if I cant find a doctor :-(

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