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Need attorney to take case for contincencey basis

Trenton, NJ |

inmate assaulted by nj prison guards hospitalized and left with broken jaw ,ribs and collaspes ribs,but most lawyers are afraid to go up against state employees,my name is:yehudah tziyon ke'ish mil'chamot,call me at 917.318.1994

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I don't know any lawyers that are afraid to go up against the state, actually. It probably has more to do with the circumstances surrounding the injuries. What you need is a personal injury lawyer, not a criminal defense lawyer, so I changed the practice area for you.

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I have added another tag since cases against guards or correctional facilities are usually filed under the
Civil Rights Act Statutes. Either a personal injury attorney familiar with Civil rights cases or a local Civil Rights attorney is what is needed. they may take on a contingency fee, but if they prevail, are entitled to attorneys fees under the law.


Look for a NJ lawyer who specializes in personal injury/civil rights violations and do it quickly. There are many out there who are not afraid to pursue such cases.


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2. Contact Avvo and request they remove your personal information

3. I know of no attorney afraid to sue the state or state employees.

4. Contact your state bar and request referral to a civil rights attorney.

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Nobody is scared of prison guard brutality cases. You can read about them on my website.