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Need Attorney to help with Class 4 Felony Charge in Spotsylvania County

Fredericksburg, VA |

I was sent a letter by the Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Department that I had a class 4 Felony Warrant some time back. Last month I was sent the same letter by a different secretary. I do know that I am charged with selling an item under $50 without the previous owners permission. I need to take care of this from a distance and very soon because of personal medical problems that will necessitate travel to take care of.
I know that they do not have to tell an attorney what the charges are, but it seems to me that the legal system is a bit bogged down to be dealing with this. If I do have to return for this I will ask for a full-blown trial with a jury and will not go quietly as I have before. I can pay to at least look into this.

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You are correct that Spotsylvania County's Sheriff's Office will not disclose the particular charges for which warrants have issued. Nonetheless you increase your chances of being given a reasonable bond by turning yourself in sooner rather than later. An attorney can help you surrender and coordinate in advance with a bondsman to make the process as painless as possible, sometimes even avoiding a trip to the jail at all after the magistrate sets bond. You should also discuss your necessary travel with the attorney prior to surrender, so that the magistrate can be properly informed of your need to a.) remain out on bond and b.) travel to take care of your medical issues. While nothing is guaranteed, having this information organized puts you in the best position to remain free while the case is pending. You should act as soon as possible to get the warrant(s) served and start the ball rolling. You should not, under most circumstances, speak in substance about the allegations with anyone except an attorney - especially if the police or a prosecutor wants to talk to you.

Best of luck,
Andy Cornick



Well, the problem is that physically it is almost a physical impossibility for me to travel. The charge was selling something for under $50 without the previous owners written consent. It is a BS charge, and traveling all that way at an incredible expense of the flight, hotel and transferring my care to the nearest VA center is a herculean task. I of course would never talk to a Prosecutor or a Deputy, the system is designed against those not in the system being able to successfully defend themselves. The Public Defenders Office is more like French "let's Make a Deal" but the only deal is that you surrender which they are pretty good at. I can afford an Attorney, but I can't afford to fly back, rent a hotel for a month or so and feed myself and get to medical appointments AND afford an attorney. I would think that even the draconian laws of the Commonwealth would make exceptions considering the low-level nature of this offense. If you are willing to at least consult on this, my phone number is available on this page and I can make arrangements for payment.


If there is an active warrant out for your arrest, no one is going to be able to excuse you from going to pick it up. You must formally be given the charges and bond out (if you can). Turning yourself in quickly is the best way to do so. If not, and they have to come get you, you can remain detained until they sort out what is needed from you.



They have already said it is a charge for selling an item under $50 without the original owners signature. They have tried to embarrass me by telling people it is fraud when that apparently was not the original charge. I already know they will not extradite from Oregon, but I also know that it will be a very long time before I can physically handle traveling. I thought the letter from the "Warrants Section" of the S.O. was fairly formal, but that was probably not it. The charges appear to be "secret" until the arrest you and put you in cuffs and take you to the RCCC, giving them the right to say they cleared another crime but if I read this right, my ex could be involved and even if she was not, it seems petty to not tell a person why they need to travel at their own expense to Virginia and get arreasted. No one would bond you out from out of State, so you would be stuck waiting in the hell hole that jail is waiting to be the next player of "let's make a deal". If I sound bitter, I was held 60 days and charges were eventually dropped altogether. That jail is a dangerous place, kept cold all the time and the food is served in such little quantities that people are trading trays for just about anything. No thanks, there has to be another way.

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