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Need advice on complicated child support termination issue...

Seattle, WA |

My daughter just turned 18. She is still in high school (a virtual high school program I pay for). She has a child of her own as well (about 6 mos. now). She was getting married in a month, but it sounds like that may be on hold now. Was just blindsided by my ex, who says I still need to pay for another year. I'm broke though - I put everything on the line to try and get a new business started, with the understanding the my rather sizable support payment would cease. Faced with an added year, and with all of these circumstances, I'm really struggling to figure out my options here. I wouldn't have an issue paying if I had the money - but I seriously have nothing left.... Also lets add that decree was from FL, father in WA state, mother and daughter in VA. Where do I even start?

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Your inquiry raises complicated issues, including interstate jurisdiction, child support, possible PSES, emancipation of a minor, and termination of an existing child support order. At the very least you should pay an experienced family lawyer to briefly consult with you after a review of the existing orders. It’s always best to consult with a good family law attorney to discuss the details before you act. See my AVVO Legal Guides on interstate jurisdiction and child support for more information about the legal issues raised by your inquiry. Click on my photo. On my AVVO home page click on "View Contributions" or scroll down further and click on "Legal Guides." Scroll down the list of my 29 Legal Guides and select the topics relevant to your question. If you like my answer and Legal Guides, please make sure you mark them as “helpful.”

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