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Need a pro-bono Criminal Lawyer in NYC

Brooklyn, NY |

There is a major case invoving the murder of a child. Two ppl were arraigned. A man who is innocent and a older woman who decided to take the plea agmt for 20 years. Judge gave the young man bail. Woman was denied. The evidence heavily stacked against her. She agreed to tell the court her part and release him of wrong doing. She was to appear in court to do so her attorneys would not produce her and convinced her that this was not in her best interest (dealth penalty). They donot usually give bail on a murder case with this high profie kind of case. THey kept changing the prosecutor / none of the prosecuters thought they could win this case. They witheld the autposy for a whole year. We need help from a lawyer who know black, poor, uneducated doesnt always = guilty!!!

ok to go further into my explaination... we need major help with the appeals process. the woman who took the plea got 20 years for manslaughter and actually admitted to being the one who caused the childs death. The young man in this case who did not cause not contribute to the death of this child because he took the case to trial is now facng 25 yers to life. How is that possible? Please help. Recommend someone?

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Please do not go any further into details of a pending criminal case. Any information posted on a public forum such as this could hurt the person you are trying to help.

If the case has been going on for a year, the young man unquestionably has been assigned an attorney. If you believe that a prosecutor would dismiss a murder charge because a codefendant, who has already pled guilty, has already stated on the record that the other person was not involved, get that thought out of your head. For most prosecutors, this is a trial issue. The young man is facing a choice of either taking a plea bargain, as the codefendant did, or taking the case to trial. If he takes the case to trial, the People will have to prove to a jury that he committed whatever crimes they are charging him with, and prove each beyond a reasonable doubt. If he is found guilty of murder, yes, he could well be facing the maximum sentence of 25 years to life.

The risk of trial is great. If he is innocent, however, he may want to take that risk.

A new attorney would likely not change the situation. As to finding an attorney to work pro bono: few private attorneys would take on, for free, a murder case that may be going to trial. Few can afford to do so. A murder case is very serious, and requires a lot of time. In the rare case that is daily front page news, sometimes a publicity seeking private attorney might take such a case on for, essentially, advertising value, to get his name in the news. Would you really want that?

Your young man has a heavy decision to make. He should discuss this with his attorney.

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Im not sure if youre asking regarding the woman or the young man, contact my office for a consultation...