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Need a lawyer to help with suing a hospital and social security at the same time, many could be involved,as health gets worst

Las Vegas, NV |

Message*i been denied twice already
and my health is really bad and cant afford to do anything at this point,my colon is really not working,respiratory problems
joint pains and kidney problems have now
added to that, I want to sue asap , as I do thing we have a case and will recover losses
also was givin a shot a year ago and also has added to problems along with chemtrails in the air for the last year

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There is no right or ability to sue Social Security. Since you are taliking about suing a hospital, will repost under medical negligence to get better answers.

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If you have been denied social security benefits, you need to contact a social security disability lawyer. Contact a law school friend of mine, Joel Hengstler, if you want a good SSD lawyer in Las Vegas. Generally, you can hire an attorney for nothing out of pocket in a case like that. Medical malpractice is a must higher standard. It is very hard to make a medical malpractice case profitable for an attorney, therefore you need to show that another doctor would testify that medical malpractice occurred.

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