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Need a lawyer that's not afraid to take on a discrimination suit and/or a class action suit against a large company.

Springfield, MO |

I have been threatened and discriminated against as well as other people at the same company. I have others that would like to join in the suit as well. But so far I haven't found an attorney to take the case. Please tell me where I can find one.

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Usually a good place to look is to state or local bar associations. They should have referral lists (usually by subject matter) and might be able to steer you in the direction of a willing attorney.

Best of luck going forward.

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I am confident that many lawyers, myself included, would be happy to take that kind of case. That said, not all "discrimination" gives rise to a cause of action. I would need many more facts including what the discrimination is based on to make a determination if you have a claim.

Most employment attorneys give free consultations. Go to to find a list of local employment attorneys. Good luck.

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These cases are tough. Do you have evidence of the discrimination. You can look at the find a lawyer tab on AVVO or call the state var association for a lawyer referral. Keep looking for a lawyer who specializes in mass torts, class actions or you may have to make individuals claims against the company with an employment lawyer. Good luck!


These cases require close analysis. I am in Springfield and can speak with you about your case. My contact information is in my profile.


If the threats or other discrimination were not based on race, religion, sex, disability, age, or national origin then the discrimination is not "covered" for the purposes of employment discrimination. These cases are heavily factual and the facts must favor a valid form of discrimination.

If the threats do not align with the above, you might be able to sue under negligent supervision or some other business tort.

Keep in mind, attorneys probably won't decline a case because the company is a large company. It may be because the facts don't favor a probability of winning, or your damages might not be very high, or the attorney may not think you'll be a good witness. There are a lot of factors to consider when taking a case. If you have a case worth taking, someone will likely take it.


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