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Need a good Family L aw attorney for a contempt case, I have taken this as far as I can alone. Let me know if you can help

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Contempt consists of a violation of ATROS and court ordered visitations, I did an ex parte hearing trying to block my x from taking our little one to India. The court said he will not grant my ex parte because I already have ex parte relief which are the ATROS which were on the summons. She took off any way with our little one, I have everything documented, transcripts judge said 7 time the child will not leave, her attorney was involved and tricked the cops into letting her fly, and I have the judge on transcripts saying her orders werent followed There is a civil restraining order against me but no monitored visits I have 2 sources of corroboration 1 being her attorney on record, one with our monitor for the exchanges, documented admission of guilt and the judges comment she did return.

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You should call around and discuss your case with a few attorneys that do both family and criminal law as contempt is quasi criminal. Many family law attorneys are not familiar with criminal trial rules.

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I would tell you to file an exparte motion for full legal and physical custody of your children. Your ex violated the ATROS and has taken the children in violation of them.

By getting these orders, you can then contact the Child Abduction Unit of the DA's office to get them involved. Do it quick, it takes some time.

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