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Need a good B&P 17200 attorney.

Westlake Village, CA |

MUST BE A LITIGATOR; this case will not settle, but it is a winner.

I need an experienced B&P 17200 attorney (preferably in the West San Fernando Valley) who knows more about 17200 than I do, and I know a great deal.

I have $$ for a retainer and will give it even though 17200 provides for attorney fees.

I need to have a telephone conference with the attorney (probably 1/2 hour or more) so he/she understands all the facts and background.

We are dealing with a multi-million dollars company here.

Civil RICO is almost impossible from a pleading standpoint. I tried for six months to get a Civil RICO and came close but never did it. Too many specifics are needed and the specifics usually come from insiders. Thanks.

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Keep in mind that the primary remedies in a California Business and Professions Code 17200 lawsuit for private enforcers are injunctive relief, restitution, and disgorgement of ill-gotten gains, not monetary damages or penalties. Plaintiffs may be entitled to attorney's fees for enforcing Section 17200, assuming they otherwise meet the standards as a private attorney general under Code of Civil Procedure section 1021.5


There are other causes of action you may want to consider, from a remedies standpoint. For example, there are broad civil remedies and damages that can be obtained under Civil RICO and other laws. However, it is impossible to give advice on that without more understanding of your case. Feel free to contact me if you wish.

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