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Need a criminal defense attorney

Los Angeles, CA |

looking for a criminal defense attorney for my brother who is currently in Mens Central Los Angeles County Jail. He's charged with conspiracy to a robbery. I'm looking for someone who can take the case who offers financing.

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Check on the state bar website for criminal law specialists.


Avvo features tons of qualified criminal attorneys in the greater Los Angeles area.


If your brother can't afford to hire his own lawyer, he's entitled to one from the public defender's office.

He's charged with a serious felony, and hiring a lawyer can be expensive.

Most public defenders are pretty good lawyers, but they're usually busy. Some private lawyers are willing to work cheap, but they have to make up for it by taking lots of cases, so they're usually as busy as a public defender.

You should also beware of "law firms" that are really nothing more than a referral service. These outfits charge big bucks, then hire a local lawyer for pennies on the dollar you paid. Here's a link to an article on one in Virginia, but there are many in California, too -- even one that uses the name of a member of OJ Simpson's "Dream Team."


Your brother will get a PD appointed if you do not have funds. Most attorneys these days are offering payment plans of some sort or another. And most firms will offer you and your brother a free consult. Feel free to give us a call.

Brian Michaels

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