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Need a cps and child custody lawyer in tucson

Tucson, AZ |

Found a great lawyer on here to help with immigration. My family now need help to support their case with the cps.... my daughter in law had her children from a previous relationship taken in care after being accused of neglect .she is working so hard to get her children out of the system and back in her care. My son and her have recently got married and have a child together , who is thriving. Proving she is a capable mother . I believe in her and need a lawyer who will too

What evedence is required to help her case to get her children? She is cooperating with cps but the process is slow and for my perception very subjective . What do I need to look for in a lawyer to help unravel the case?

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Look for a lawyer with experience in juvenile court and experience handling cases where CPS is involved. Even if you go to a family law attorney, they might not have any experience with CPS. When CPS is involved, it's a totally different ballgame. I can recommend Merle Stolar or Karen Pollins, two family law attorneys I know in Tucson. If they can't help you, they will refer you to someone who can.

This post is general information about divorce and family law in Arizona, and is not legal advice. Divorce is a complex process, and taking legal action without the one-on-one professional advice of a lawyer can produce unexpected results.



Thank you very much

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