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Need a attorney

Apple Valley, CA |

I have a case in Glendale with probation violation in same court.. Is there an attorney who would assist me in this matter pro bono I will do all the foot work necessary if pointed in the right direction I have already researched case law etc... Just need guidance and perhaps a one time court appearance. I also have a small claims filing a win win case I can pay with once settled. Any advice?

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I don't practice in Glendale, but I'll just tell you that pro bono work generally comes from a compelling public interest or personal relationship. If you simply can't afford an attorney, you will most likely qualify for the services of the public defender.

Any statements I make in these forums (fora?) should not be taken as direct legal advice, merely informed guidance. This is true due to the anonymous nature of this venue, and the incomplete information which is invariably provided by the questions. It is imperative that you consult directly with an attorney regarding your specific situation before acting on or relying on anything represented here. Period.


The best way to find anyone is to call a few forms up directly. It is extremely unlikely for someone to respond off a blanket post like this. It basically gives the impression that you are not that invested in the case so why should they be?

As for doing the "foot work", anyone who you would want working on your case won't accept that. Nothing against you, but it is their license that is ultimately at stake if they just leave the research to you and don't think twice about it, simply signing off. So, if you find someone that will take the case pro bono, let them do the work. You won't find anyone good who will simply act as the puppet.

Any information provided through in response to a question is not, and cannot be considered a formation of any Attorney-Client relationship. Questioner understands that the nature of this system allows only for a cursory review of case information, and more detailed information should not be divulged in this public forum. As such, Questioner is recommended to contact an Attorney in order to discuss the full details of their case and a more specific advisement of potential rights and liabilities.


I live and work in Glendale and I can tell you the only attorneys who are working without clients paying them are the public defenders. Plus, you have more than one thing happening here, a case and a PV, that's two cases. There are sme good PDs on Glendale. Good luck.


Call a few of the Los Angeles area law schools to see if you can interest their pro-bono clubs, some of which may have certified law clerks who can appear for you in your two cases. The law students will treat your case very seriously and the zeal that you want, although their experience level may be relatively low compared to ten or twenty-year attorneys.


Yes, you do, use avvo asap and get a top shelf local attorney at once

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