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Need a "low bono" lawyer in Sacramento for family law...

Sacramento, CA |

"Father" on b/cert. needs a lawyer. We are low-income and now located in AL. He contested paternity before the 2 year cap, but the county claims to "lost" the results. They released his license last year, and claim they have received payments, and called us with a settlement for the PRINCIPAL balance -- now that our tax return is in the system they're saying they want it in full. We either need help with this or with a custody/visitation/support order, NONE of which are in place. The mother claims to "want him off the b/cert" and does NOT want a father figure.
We have the name/loc of the bio. father.
... thoughts? help?

The case started in 2001. The mother has NEVER sought any type of resolution, and has withheld the child's information, location, etc. The mother WOULD be willing to testify that she in fact received a phone call from the DNA-testing agency/county that the father did appear and was getting a test to establish/disestablish paternity. We [the "father" and his wife, who now have a 1 year old son] need a resolution to this... The mother seems fine with her child having no father, no real court orders... and being able to sue for support for the next 10 years, and letting the child think she's fatherless. We ARE NOT OK WITH THAT! and want to fight back. We need legal advice. If he is taken off the birth certificate, we were told we have a civil case against the mother for the $5000.00 in support plus damages, or possibly against the county for losing the results and not testing again IN THE FIRST PLACE.

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I'm assuming you mean that you're looking for a pro bono attorney, meaning someone who will volunteer his or her time to represent you. While most attorneys will take on a pro bono case from time to time, due to you living out of state, I don't think your chances of finding one are very good. You can try contacting the Sacramento County Bar for some assistance and diligently calling around for attorneys in the entire Sacramento area, but in your case, it sounds like time matters.

Good luck!

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