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Neck surgery help

Lakeland, FL |

I just recently had neck surgery, I was told by my doctor that he would make one 2” incision, after the surgery I notice two 2” incision about ¾” apart, went I went back for my check up I asked the doctor how many incision was made on my neck he said one, but I see two, and I am having problems swallowing food,
If in fact there is two incision do that constitute malpractice and if so what can I do, the incision have been verified by someone in the medical field,

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Since you are having problems swallowing food, it would be helpful to you to get a copy of the operative report to find out exactly what the surgeon did during the surgery. Then, you'll be able to see if the surgery that was done was the one that you consented to and whether anything unusual happened. You don't say what the surgery was for in the information you provided, and that information will of course be important. If you have further questions at that point, you may want to retain a FL attorney for further review. There are time deadlines for filing suit so you should retain an attorney as soon as you can if you want to file suit.
Good luck to you.


Request a copy of the surgical reports, consent for surgery, and of the pathology reports. See a lawyer who does med mal. See my site for an explanation of medical malpractice in Florida. See


If the doctor fell below the standard of care and that caused you damages, then you may have a case. However, just because things didn't go as planned, that alone doesn't mean that you should bring a claim. Get your complete chart and run it by your friend in the medical field. If they think it looks bad, then consult a medical negligence attorney to see about running it by an expert to get an opinion.

Dennis Phillips, Esq.

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