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NCP delinquent for almost two years, AG will not enforce

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My case was closed a few months ago. I've been contacting the AG in hopes they will enforce the order, but they will not talk to me because they said I still have a lawyer representing me. I had to hire a lawyer because the NCP served me (of course NCP never showed up to court). NCP lost by default. Again, case closed. Why is the AG refusing to enforce the order and refusing the speak to me? When the case was still active, my lawyer gave them consent to speak to me.

NCP is more than $35K in arrears. It now seems NCP successfully evades having to pay child support by serving me a suit he never followed through with. I can't afford to pay my lawyer to now enforce the order. I thought that was the AG's job.

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You need to contact your attorney and have then send a letter stating he no longer represents you so they will take his name off as your attorney. Even through your attorney stated they could talk to you, the child support is very hesitant to discuss issue on your child support case when you have an attorney. Once that has been done, you should be able to talk to them. If you are not getting helpful information over the phone as to why they are not enforcing the order, go in and talk with a caseworker at the office. It could be that they cannot locate him and that is why no enforcement action has been started. If you do hire an attorney, if he is found in contempt of court, the NCP can be ordered to reimburse your attorneys fee. Good luck.


Get your lawyer to formally withdraw from the case.

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I agree with the prior posts. You may need your lawyer to formally withdraw or send the OAG a letter confirming that he/she no longer represents you.
The AG's job is to represent the State's interests. They should assist you in enforcing NCP's failure to pay child support but they do not represent you.
Maybe you can find an attorney who will work with you on a payment plan and you can request NCP be ordered to pay your attorney's fees. Good Luck.

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AG refusing to speak to you because according to their systems you are represented. Have your attorney fax over a letter of non-representation. After this is sent call into the AG office to set up an appointment to speak with someone to file an enforcement.

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