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I have married a U.S. citizen and i got my green card 6 months, but he cheated on me and I separated. I am marrying to another guy that is US citizen, if I marry to new guy , can I get my naturalization after three years or because I divorce the first guy , i can apply for naturalization 5 years later?

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Yes you can You can apply after three years if your current husband is a USC too.


If you have been granted conditional resident status, you must first become a permanent resident. In the next step you can apply for citizenship once you lived for three years continuously in marrital union with a US citizen. Otherwise you must wait 5 years.



thanks for your reply. i got my permanent green card. now i want to divorce. if i divorce and marry to a U.S. citizen, then after three years, can I apply for naturilaztion?


If your second marriage is in good faith, then you have to be sponsored again, and will be able to apply for US citizenship after 3 years of getting your green card.

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