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Narcotics police came into my home without a warrant and held me for 2 hours in my own home until they got one can I sue?

Denton, TX |

They forced into my home without probable cause made my fiance sit and interrogated her, she asked them to leave they needed a warrant, they walked through my home, took her phone and wouldn't allow her to call a lawyer. After 2 hours of holding her in the home the warrant was brought for my fiance who's name was misspelled, they searched and seized all my money (not 1's or 5's?) never arrested her (even though the warrant ordered them to) and never charged either of us. Since then I have received several threatening text messages from the police officer stating if I do not comply to busting other marijuana users that he will come back for my fiance. Is this a legal search and seizure, were my rights violated, and do I have the right to sue?

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You and your girlfriend need to consult with a local criminal attorney immediately. Do not delay. Save all text and voice messages.

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I suggest that you contact a criminal defense attorney to address these issues. You have provided only your version of events, not that I doubt them , it is just one side and bith are needed. .With the attorney you can discuss filing a complaint with the cops agency's internal affairs unit as well as whether or not there is a civil suit against the cops.

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