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N-400 Spouse Immigration Status

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My sister is applying for citizenship and her spouse is here illegally. My sisters husband got deported once but he came back to the USA and is currently living here. Will my sister or her spouse get in trouble if she puts No Lawful Status where it says Spouse Immigration Status? What will she get asked at the interview and how should she answer if they officer asks her about her spouse? Will she be denied citizenship because she is married and living with someone who got deported?

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I believe you asked this question over the weekend, and were provided answers. Please see the link below.

It is far riskier for your sister to lie on the N-400 application than to state the truth regarding her husband.

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There is no way to promise that they won't get in trouble

But, she has no choice, she must tell the truth on the form.

Most officers don't ask about the spouse .... but it could happen.

Meeting with an attorney would be a very wise thing to do.

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She should answer all inquiries truthfully on the N-400 form, as she will be questioned regarding the application under oath at the interview. If she is concerned about her husband's status, she really should consider consulting with an immigration attorney prior to filing the application to avoid any problems.