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N-400 Naturalization From with Section 319B

Phoenix, AZ |

I am currently planning to submit a naturalization request for my wife and I am looking for an experienced immigration lawyer in 319B cases, since it doesn't look very common.

I work for a company that qualifies as an American Corporate that is fully traded in the US.

Also I am wondering if I should request USCIS to forward it to a certain immigration office or it doesn't matter.

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You are absolutely right that you need a highly competent Immigration attorney to do your 319B naturalization, since there are many pitfalls; for example, you mention that you work for a company that qualifies as an American Corporation, but that is only one of the prongs since that company must be engaged in foreign trade or commerce. Additionally, you must be stationed abroad for more than a year, and you must intend to reside with your wife in the US once your assignment is over. This may sound simple, but it's far from it. Your application can be filed in any USCIS office in the US, so you can choose an attorney wherever you please.


Agreed with answers given. The process is not "complicated" per se, but it taxes your patience, because you and your wife will be overseas, and there will be some traveling back and forth. Fingerprints will be taken overseas typically, but the interview and oath ceremony will usually be taken in the US, so the process is inconvenient, to say the least. I am located in Phoenix and if you like, you can contact me for further dicussion. Good luck. Jared

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