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N-400 Naturalization - Marriage-Interview-Divorce

San Jose, CA |

I filed for N-400/Naturalization after 3 years Green-Card based on married to my US Citizen wife. Like all the marriages, we have had our ups and downs. she kicked me out three times, but we survived and continue our life. During these time, I found that she was talking to her x-boyfriend (love) secretly and lying about it even when I asked who she was talking to. All her phone records showed that and love messages and kisses and so on. After my N-400, I went back home to India for family emergency. While I was gone, I tried to contact my wife which she claimed she is over her mother. I could not reach her at her mom whom told me she is gone to Maine to her x-boyfriend. finally I reached her over her x-boyfriend and she admit it and she is happy there. She has not been happy with me. I came back to discuss our situation. I went for the N-400 Interview. I passed English and History test but I had to wait for the letter/result for the next step (Oath Ceremony). My indicated that she wants to get divorce. While she was away, she had filled the divorce application and they are ready to be filed. I was depressed and went back home to clear my head and I met my old classmate. We met few times. She was divorced, and she knew my story. We got more involved and I proposed to marry her. She accepted. Since my wife was supposed to have filed the divorce paper few months ago. I assumed that she did since I did not have contact with her. I went ahead and married my classmate in my home country. Few month after that, I received another notice from USCIS for another Interview which I need to bring my US Citizen wife along with all the supporting documents.

What should I do? Should I call or cancel my application? Can I leave and come back to US? Should I divorce my wife in my home country? Would USCIS know that I am married out of US? Would they track my traveling history to other countries? Would they contact other countries to get a detail records of me (any individual immigration, status, financial, records)? What do you think I should do? What is the worst possibility? What is the best one? What are my options? Your knowledge, experience, input urgently appreciated.

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