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N-400 and selective service!

Fort Lee, NJ |

Hi, my cousin wants to apply for naturalization based on marriage. He received his green card when he was 24 and didn't register for the selective service because he simply didn't know. Now he is 27. Do you think his N-400 will definitely be rejected because he didn't register for the selective service or should he wait until he is 31?
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The N-400 may be rejected because he did not register. He should wait until he is 31 until he applies so this issue does not come up.

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There is a difference between REJECTION and DENIAL. His application may be DENIED (decision based on substantive grounds). Rejection is the process when a case is sent back based on a technicallity such as a missing required document, no fee attached, etc. When a case is rejected, the applicant can file again right away if he/she can correct the deficiency. Denial of a citizenship application is a different story. So yes, his application may be denied.

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Did he check to see if he was registered by USCIS? You can go on the website and enter your information to see if your are registered.

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Call an attorney.

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He could be denied, but he could also take steps to cure this problem before applying. I've seen many naturalizations approved for people with similar facts who take corrective action first. Call a lawyer.


More info needed. Speak to a Fort Lee immigration lawyer who can investigate.

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