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N 400 - Tax Return Transcript Question.

Beverly Hills, CA |

Before my current 5 year continious residence period, I was out for 2 years with re-entry permit.

I belive if you are out on reentry permit, regardless of it being before 5 years, one has to submit tax return transcrips for last 5 years with application, correct me if I am wrong?

Q1: For a couple of yrs I made no money and my dad supported me and I was a dependant on a couple of my dads returns, and dependants dont get transcripts only filer gets so how can I get my transcripts???? Is it ok to submit my dads transcripts showing my info on it???

Q2: What I dont undetand is, how can my last 5 year transcript prove anything about my 6 year old reentry trip abroad(IRS only gives last 4 transcripts(i.e 5 yrs period))??

Please advice, thanks!

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If you were not required to file the tax returns by USCIS, why would you send it to them?

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I am not very sure if they need to be sent, during my past 5 years I have never been out for more than 6 months, how ever before 6 years I was out for 2 years on reentry permit, does that mean I need to send tax transcrpits? thankls!


I do not know why you would want to submit all those taxes. Are you trying to establish intent to not abandon your card? I am concerned about your total time out of the US however, but am guessing you have already addressed that issue.

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Thank you, Yes I was out for more then 2 years with a valid reentry permit and after I came back I started my 5 year chain, during my 5 year chain have never been out for more than 6 months, that is my situation.